Choosing a Solicitor

We have built up a selection of reputable solicitors who we recommend based on their level of professionalism, service and efficiency.

The variable fee scales relate to the level of service provided by :

  1. Very competitive fees with on-line solicitors providing high volume transactions, at a competent level at a cut price rate most suitable for straight forward property transactions only. 
  2. Slightly more expensive fees based on a more complex conveyancing scenario that may require more detailed analysis best undertaken by a relatively local solicitor (Inverness) allowing for regular communication and face to face dialogue.
  3. We provide a pre-agreed Quote for all LEGAL FEES ensuring no nasty surprises at the end of any transaction"! 
  4. All quotes are based on a standard conveyancing scenario with any additional Legal Services required such as liaison with Highland Council over Building Warrant / Planning being subject to an extra fee.  

Please let us know if you would like us to arrange a quote for sale/purchase. 

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